Backhoe Loader

Photo: Backhoe LoaderA skid steer loader can be used for a vast variety of applications, and can actually serve as an effective “tool carrier.EThe name itself explains the main features of this multifunctional machine. It can load earth into a truck, dig and move landscaping and building materials, clean roads, grind asphalt, clear the road from snow and serve many other purposes. It is also distinguished by its steering system, in which the machine’s movement is controlled by varying the speed and direction of the two sets of wheels on each side independently. This feature is very useful when operating in tight spaces and guarantees high maneuverability.

Diesel engines mounted on skid steer loaders drive two hydrostatic pumps and one hydraulic pump. Each hydrostatic pump transmits the oil to a travel motor, one left and one right, and the machine can travel forward, backward or turn. The other pump transmits the oil to cylinders and the pressure moves the correspondent work equipment. Two joysticks, one for traveling and another for the arm/bucket, control all movements.

Conventional working equipment is comprised of two arms hinged on the rear part of the machine. This method reduces the space required and increases lifting capacity, which otherwise would be very low due to the compactness of the machine. There is a quick coupler system hinged to the arms for fitting the multiple attachments available (bucket, auger, dozer blade, grader, etc.). The PPC control levels provide immediate sensitivity to and control of the work equipment so that the operator can execute simultaneous, quick and smooth movements as if he/she was using his/her own arm.

Available models may vary by region or country. Please contact your local distributor for the most suitable specifications in your area.

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