Backhoe Loaders

Machines that are equipped with work equipment at the front end for excavating and loading and another at the rear end for transport. With this type of machines, earth and sand produced in digging a ditch are loaded at a time later on. They are a very convenient and helpful sort, as a single machine plays double roles simultaneously. During the work, a support called an outrigger extends and ensures the machine’s stability.

• Available models may vary by region or country. Please contact your local distributor for the most suitable specifications in your area.
• Product specifications are subject to change without notice.
Backhoe Loaders
Model Net Horsepower Operating Weight Loader Bucket Capacity Brochure
(kW) (HP) (kg) (m³)
WB93R-5 74 99.2 7460 1.03 for detalis
WB97R-5 74 99.2 7560 1.03 for detalis
WB93S-5 74 99.2 8050 1.1 for detalis
WB97S-5 74 99.2 8150 1.1 for detalis
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